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How to get Direct Referrals for Paid to Click (PTC) Sites

Below you can find a number of ways on how you can get direct referrals for ptc sites.  Please note that they are not all guaranteed to work for all users but it doesn’t hurt to give a try.  They are all recommended by the admin of this blog and can be very a useful guide for all.  So lets’ get started.

Family and Friends

Getting referrals by asking family and friends can be the simplest and easiest way to get active direct referrals.  All you have to do is go about and tell them about the ptc site you will like them to join.  Share with them the benefits they will gain and try to motivate them to click ads everyday or as often as they can.  You can show them your payment proofs or you can give them the link to the ptc forum which shows members payment proofs and prove to them that they are legit paying ptc sites.

Downline Builders

With the use of downline builders can be one of the ways to get direct referrals.  All you have to do is get a number of credits at a downline builder site and then you can add your ptc site to the list and offer credits to those who would like to join. Can be an easy approach but getting credits can take you sometime unless you pay for them. Two popular ptc downline builder sites are Getrefs and PTCReferrals.

PTC Forums

At PTC forums you can be exposed to ptc referral exchange (where you can agree to join someone ptc site in return for the same someone to join your ptc site and you both agree to be active and click ads daily); downline builder (where a new ptc is in site you can get your name on the downline builder list and be sure to get one referral who joins after you);referral back offers (by someone joining your ptc sites you can pay them just for signing up or by making a number of clicks to a ptc site, as it acts as an incentive to keep users active at ptc sites.) and other useful information.  Popular PTC forums include EarnMoneySpace, TalkPTC, PTCSquad and MoneyFanClub just to name a few.

Manual Click Exchange

Traffic exchange sites can get you free traffic to your website or blog (If you got one of course).  Manual click exchange sites can offer you 1:1 click exchange rate which means for every site that you view you get the same number of views for your site or blog in return.  By lots of people viewing your webpage it can increase your chances of someone signing up you your referral link.  Popular manual click exchange sites include EasyHits4U, RealHitz4u, SmileyClicks and StartExchange.

Social Media Sites

You can you simple sites like Facebook or Twitter to advertise your referral link or blog.  All you have to do is create a unique text add and put your referral link at the end. You can also create a nice YouTube video and made it interesting.  If your friends found it useful they would click and find out what it’s all about.

Pay Per Click Advertising

You can advertise your referral link or blog to get more signups as well.  You can advertise on other PTC websites or on Google, Bidvertiser and Adhitz.  This ways your site can be circulated around and people may found it useful to join under your link.

Playing Games Online

While playing multimedia games with strangers on the web you can be able to build a relationship with them.  I advise you not to go right of the bat and tell them about ptc sites because they would think it’s some kind of scam or something like that.  While you build a relationship with people after you can ask them about their interest and then you can tell them what you do online or at your spare time (which is earning extra income using ptc sites).  And you can also give them my blog as a useful guide to follow if you like.

Chatting Online

Are you a fan of chatting on the web or joining online communities.  You can find friend of similar interest as you and from there you can tell them about PTC sites.  Again you’ll have to build a relationship with them at first.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Try to persuade the user but do not push your luck too far or they may think it’s all a scam.

Creating a Blog and advertising all referral links

This is a way to get all your referral links in one place.  You can create a simple blog using Blogger or WordPress whichever one you like.  And from there you can advertise your blog anywhere you like.

Article Marketing

Another useful guide is using article marketing.  This is where you can create your own unique articles about anything while including a backlink to your referral page or blog.  This will be very useful to those within your niche while being helpful creating useful information to others.

I really hope that you found this article useful and you can put it into use anytime as you like to get direct referrals for your ptc site referral links.  I’ll appreciate if you comment or share this article to your friends using the social media links below.

Much love and always be blessed,


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